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Pictures are often used to convey emotions, excitement, feelings and other things. Here are some of the pictures used with the various quotes. They may look slightly different from the quote image, however. Can you picture that quote or guess the quote from the picture or the hints? One hint will go to the picture associated with the quote.

Try your luck.

street lady

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decorated lady

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picture quotes

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Picture  Quotes

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Picture that Quote

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Picture that Quote

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Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

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picture that quotealzheimers daze

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A Final Word on Picture that Quote

Someone whispered in my ear. They said some of the images don’t exactly convey the meaning of the quote. I agree. But sometimes everyone has different ideas about the same quote. People can take the same quote in different ways or to mean different things. Same with the images. So don’t think twice about it.

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