Lost Why Quotes Recapture

Lost Why Quotes Recapture Page And A Challenge

Some people like me are mavericks. They like to do their own thing. That’s even if it goes against advice or what others would do. That’s sort of what happened to these lost Why Quotes. Somehow they got left out of the huge heap of those quotes.

As time went by they somehow, some way, found their way on to the site. But instead of ending back on the proper Why Quotes page they disappeared elsewhere on the site. Fortunately I kept a record of the errant quotes.

lost why quotes

Your job, if you choose to indulge, is to locate each missing Why Quote. You can see a smaller image of each quote here to give you a clue to how each quote looks. This is a fun challenge for now due to a grave mistake on our part. We assumed we had total control of these quotes.

We were wrong and are investigating the problem of their disappearance. If you find one of these quotes on the site click the image to notify us of the quote. If you participate in this quote recapture sweep and find all 12 rogue quotes please leave a comment to notify us.

Note: We are working on the challenge right now. When we finish we will add links to the images.

Thanks and we hope you enjoy the site.

The Admin